pass the parcel, milton keynes

When we arrived here, ten years ago, the Eastern Expansion was a set of plans – and mud. The idea was this. PassTheParcel would change, move and grow in step with, and in response to, the growth of this new community. It would start at the new Primary School (the first civic building). It would stay there for a period – but when it left it would leave a gift – made from its own oak. When it arrived in its next location it would metamorphose to be appropriate and useful there. That, more or less, is how it’s panned out. The children who knew the work at Brooklands Farm Primary recognise its metamorphosis into OakStore (on the Meadows) or one of the two other works; they’ll tell you about it. The little map gives you locations for the four works.

For: Milton Keynes Council.

With: John Hall and many others.